Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Easter Egg

Do you like puzzles?

You might like to try the MoreThanMaths.com Easter Egg Hunt.

‘Hidden’ on this website are a dozen pictures of Easter eggs like this one. When you find an egg picture, click on it to reveal a puzzle or a problem to solve.

How many eggs can you find? How many puzzles can you solve?



Information for Y7 and Y8 students at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School:

I am running a competition for Y7 and Y8 students at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.

The prizes are Easter Eggs.

If you can find and solve some of the puzzles in the MoreThanMaths.com Easter Egg Hunt you might be one of this year’s winners – there are lots of eggs to be won!

Get an entry form from your maths teacher, or download one by clicking here.  You will need to hand your completed entry form in to Ms Lindemann by 3:30pm on Friday 23rd March.

You don’t have to solve every puzzle to win a prize. There are prizes for the best entries from each year group, plus lots of prizes for runners up.


Information for students at other schools:

Anyone can try the Easter Egg Hunt for fun, but you won’t win a prize unless your school has decided to organise a competition.


Information for teachers:

There is some information for teachers here.


Easter is over, the egg hunt is finished – I expect the prizes have been eaten! I hope you enjoyed taking part.

I’ve now removed the eggs that were ‘hidden’ on this site. If you want to try the puzzles just for fun, use these links:

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