Teachers’ notes: Easter Egg Hunt

Easter EggThe MoreThanMaths.com Easter Egg Hunt started out as a purely analogue event. I printed out a selection of puzzles onto brightly coloured sheets of A4 paper and then roamed around the school where I worked armed with the pile of puzzles, some blu-tak and a step-stool in order to ‘hide’ the eggs. By the time I returned to the maths department, students were already collecting entry forms. It was great fun, created heated debate about the solutions to a couple of the problems and was declared a success. I ran it like that several times, the only problem being that some over-competitive students removed some of the eggs to give themselves an advantage. Tsk.

The Easter Egg Hunt has been mostly online for several years now (that stops the overly competitive participants from nicking the eggs 😉 ), with egg pictures ‘hidden’ on this website. They have to find an egg picture (like the one in this post), then click on it to reveal a puzzle or a problem to solve. I still pin up a few eggs around school to generate some interest.

It’s a great way to get students to explore my website – even though the new version has a search box, which makes finding some of the eggs quite easy! I imagine this would also work well on a VLE. My event is aimed at Y6, Y7 and Y8 this year, but in previous years older students have joined in too.

If you’d like to use this yourself, either online or as a hunt around school/another location, feel free to do so. The puzzles for the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt will stay online until the end of the school Easter holiday on Sunday 15th April. The answers will be published once the eggs are removed.

The links to various files are below, please adapt them to suit you:

(I’ll upload the files with this year’s questions and answers once the online Easter Egg Hunt has finished.)

The egg image and the images used on the puzzle pages are from Microsoft’s clipart, used under licence.

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