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Ms LHi, I’m Lois Lindemann. Welcome to!

Who is this site for?

I started this site for my own students, but it’s freely available for anyone to use. It is aimed mainly at 11-16 year olds, but I’ve used it with both younger and older students.

What is this site for?

It’s for learning about maths and it’s for fun. Hopefully these two things will happen at the same time!

Is it safe?

Yes. I will only include material that is appropriate for students to see. I only link to sites that I consider to be safe and I check all links regularly (although obviously I can’t be responsible for what appears on other sites). I check every comment before it is published. I never publish students’ personal details.

Is it free?

Yes. is free to use and carries no advertising. (It’s not free to run, but that’s another story.)


LoisI hope you enjoy using – feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


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