Can you name the sides?



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The Beginner’s Guide to Trigonometry (including the source code) by Lois Lindemann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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5 comments to Can you name the sides?

  • Mitch

    I know at 33 and a 9th grade drop-out ,this has taught me alot. I never was good at crunching numbers in my head or by looking at them….so in school ,I sucked at math. Geo,Trig and Calc….blew me away at the mere site of it !! But being able to very much visualize angles,distances,heights and depths…I knew I sold myself short. So I’m on my “I wanna learn…because I want to, not because I’m trying to pass a grade” mode !!! Thanks for explaining a complex subject in an easy way !!!

  • annaliese kiene- whipp

    Hey this is really tricky in some parts but it is good to test your brain. It is a real test.
    Well done in creating this test!!!

  • Adam

    Question 3 is ambiguous because the sides aren’t labelled clearly. The labels A, B and C are positioned at the corners rather than the sides of the triangle.

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